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Charles Ray - Sculpture 1997-2014
CHF 45.00
A comprehensive monograph on recent works of sculpture

Charles Ray (* 1953 in Chicago) is among the most outstanding sculptors of the present. Like Jeff Koons and Katharina Fritsch, his work explores a new ap­proach to sculptural figuration. One example is the white-painted steel sculpture Boy with Frog (2009), which attracted much attention at the Punta della Dogana in Venice, where it was displayed until re­cently. The oversized figure of a nude boy, who is en­gaging with the animal world in a playful, if cruel manner, recalls the idealization of classical sculpture, despite its naturalism. Superbly executed, the work has a timeless quality, and its enormous weight is not apparent. Many people who see it do not realize that it is a contemporary work of art. This catalogue pro­vides an overview of the major sculptures Ray has created since 1997, including several previously un­published works.

160 pp., 69 ills.
24 x 30 cm

Exhibitions: Kunstmuseum Basel, June 15–September 28, 2014 | The Art Institute of Chicago, May 17–October 4, 2015 Erfahren Sie mehr
Charles Ray - Skulpturen 1997-2014
CHF 45.00
Eine umfangreiche Monografie zum skulpturalen Werk der letzten Jahre

Charles Ray (* 1953 in Chicago) zählt zu den herausra­genden Skulpteuren der Gegenwart. Wie Jeff Koons und Katharina Fritsch arbeitet er an einer neuen plas­tischen Figuration, zu sehen etwa in der weiß bemal­ten Stahlskulptur Boy with Frog (2009). Ihre Präsenz an der Punta della Dogana in Venedig sorgte bis vor Kurzem für große Aufmerksamkeit. Der nackte Junge in Übergröße, der vital bis rabiat mit der Tierwelt um­geht, ist bei allem Naturalismus von einer Typisie­rung ins Klassizistische geprägt. Stupend in der Aus­führung, hat die Skulptur, der man ihre enorme Schwere überhaupt nicht ansieht, etwas Zeitloses an sich; viele Leute denken bei ihrem Anblick wohl nicht an Gegenwartskunst. Die Publikation gibt einen Überblick zu Rays Skulpturen, die seit 1997 in lang­jährigen Arbeitsprozessen entstanden sind, darunter neue und teilweise erstmals veröffentlichte Werke.

160 Seiten, 69 Abb.
24 x 30 cm

Ausstellungen: Kunstmuseum Basel 15.6.–28.9.2014 | The Art Institute of Chicago 17.5.–4.10.2015 Erfahren Sie mehr
Ausstellungsplakat - Charles Ray
CHF 25.00
Ausstellungsplakat / Exhibition Poster

90 x 127 cm Erfahren Sie mehr
Ausstellungsplakat (klein) - Charles Ray
CHF 15.00
Ausstellungsplakat / Exhibition Poster

klein / small size
42 x 70 cm Erfahren Sie mehr
Young man by Charles Ray
CHF 38.00
This volume documents the stages of work and materials used to realize Charles Ray’s "Young Man" (2012), a 1,500-pound sculpture in solid stainless steel. Printed on unbound pages, this publication shows the development of Ray’s sculpture alongside a set of life-size details that can be reconfigured into two full-scale photographs of the work.

Published by Olympic Productions/Matthew Marks Gallery

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A Four Dimensional Being Writes Poetry On A Field Of Sculpture
CHF 18.00
When asked to organize an exhibition on a theme of his choice, the Los Angeles artist Charles Ray chose that of moral and amoral space, which he took from sculptor Alberto Giacometti's description of one of his own works. A four dimensional being writes poetry on a field with sculptures is the title Ray gave to both the exhibition, which took place at Matthew Marks Gallery in New York, and this small, beautifully-produced volume, which accompanies it. Key artworks include Giacometti's 1948 "Standing Woman;" an untitled stack piece by Donald Judd; an ancient Greek kouros from roughly 600 B.C.; a sculpted piece of island marble from Attica; Mark di Suvero's 1960 "Hankchampion;" Jeff Wall's 1990 "A ventriloquist at a birthday party in October 1947;" and a series of 1969 sculptures entitled "The Fall of Man" by the American folk artist Edgar Tolson.

Hardcover with glassine dustjacket
12 pages Erfahren Sie mehr
Charles Ray - Log
CHF 28.00
Log presents Ray's life-size sculpture of a fallen log he discovered by the side of the highway in California. After visiting the log many times, Ray decided to move the log in pieces to his studio, where he made molds of the log and produced a fiberglass replica of it. Eventually, he sent the fiberglass replica to Japan where a master woodworker and his apprentices carved the final wooden sculpture out of Japanese cypress.

Designed by Silvia Gaspardo Moro. Essay by Charles Ray.

40 pages. 22 color plates. Hardcover with dust jacket.

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Charles Ray School Play 2014 Poster
CHF 120.00
Reproduction of the sculpture in lifesize. Limited edition, 500 copies
Printed by Shapco Printing, Minneapolis

1.22 x 2.04 m

Lightjet on photographic paper (54lb)

Special Price during the exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Basel from 15.06.2014 - 28.09.2014 Erfahren Sie mehr
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